Safety, innovation, performance, distinctive style & quality are just some of the reasons why I’ve been wearing Simpson Race Products since I first began racing in 1983. I just recently received my all NEW Simpson Carbon Fiber Stingray helmet & I felt compelled to write you guys just to say... WOW! Awesome product... ultra-lightweight, perfect fit/comfort & it looks extrermely cool too! Whether I’m driftin’ my 600hp 2008 DODGE Viper thru the "cork screw" at Laguna Seca or running the high banks of Atlanta, my new Stingray is the perfect fit for it all ...THANK YOU!


My name is Ross Wakefield and I am the older brother of Justin Wakefield. Team Simpson is a partial sponsor for him in the USAR Hooters Procup Series. He was in a serious accident at their most recent event at South Georgia Motorsports Park in Cecil, GA. Although the wreck did not appear to be severe, it completely totalled the car. Luckily he was wearing Simpson Performance Products from head to toe and was protected throughout this crash. During the accident, his # 98 Grace Mortgage Ford went completely airborn for a moment and then proceeded to crash fullspeed into the wall. The force of the impact was so strong that his head hit a portion of the rollcage and cracked the helmet. Due to the safety of Simpson products, he was able to walk away from the accident (without a concussion) and conducted a T.V. interview directly afterward.

We are grateful that Simpson continues to produce such high quality products and look forward to being part of that team long into the future.


While competing in the Nostalgia Top Fuel class at the NHRA National Hot Rod Reunion (Columbus Ohio) June 17 2007, I experienced a catstrophic engine failure. After winning the semi-final round there was an explosion and horrific oil fire. The cockpit temperature reached 2100 degrees for nearly 49 seconds. Don Irvine a 35 year NHRA Safety crew veteran stated "this is one of the 5 worst fires I have experienced."

Between the combination of keeping calm and and the outstanding construction of the the Simpson race wear (parachutes, boots, gloves, suit, helmet and mask ) I lived to compete another day. The fire was so intense it went through 3 of the 7 layers of Nomex and did not burn me inside!

I have used Simpson race products for 25 years and in 28 different race cars. I also sell Simpson products through our business – racecarparts.com. I have never had a complaint. Their products stand on their own.

I am aware of the dangers of Top Fuel racing. You will never hear me complain as long as Simpson products are on my back. It gives you a second chance.


Hi my name is Martin Brady we interacted on twitter, I am a codriver based in Ireland and have been wearing a carbon HANS with gel pads since 2006 and it has been invaluable to me and stood the testament of some pretty big bangs and traveled the world with me and won rallies from Ireland and UK to Canada and America. More than that the cars that I have sat in with HANS seats have genuinely provided me with unrivaled comfort and security. Put simply I call better pace notes when in a HANS branded seat (normally the Recaro model) because I feel safer more comfortable, more secure and "part" of the car.

I have had some great times rallying and HANS has been with me at every corner and saved me on a few.


Unfortunately for a very close friend and family member he was forced to use your helmet in a tragic motorcycle accident on 11/27/12 in Pinellas Park FL. A SUV pulled out in front of him and he T-boned the rear passenger door. His injuries are life long, he severed his spinal cord around the T-10 vertebrate. He suffered fractures in the vertebra in his neck, severe and massive internal damage from the T-10 vertebrate shattering and bouncing off all his organs. His liver was cut, kidneys cut, spleen cut and the worst part his cord was cut 1 inch. He suffered massive facial trauma due to the nature of the hit, he went face first into the A frame of the SUV.. still in the riding position as you would be on a sport bike.

He is alive, and on the road to recovery. I can tell you this; he would not be alive if he had on any other helmet or if he was not wearing a helmet period. The helmet did its job by absorbing the energy from the face first crash. The front of the helmet from the chin up can be twisted like a piece of paper while the top of the helmet is still as strong as it was when it rolled off your line.

Thank you so much for all the hard work you do and putting out a product that does in fact save lives. We are first hand examples of how your product can impact someone's life, and why when a new or veteran rider is picking out a helmet he or she should 100% believe in Simpson.

Thank you very, very much for taking the time to read my email. Thank you very, very much for having a helmet that can withstand a massive face first crash like this and allow the rider to live.


I still wear part of your Simpson - Model 30 Helmet everyday! The interior fabric is embedded into my chin! Photos attached.

My name is Philip A. Teipel, named after Philip in the Bible. My friends call me Pat because of my initials. I figure that I've probably spent a third of my life with my head inside a silver Simpson - Model 30 helmet. I bought it in my youth in the early 1970's and it helped save my life over 40 years later at 54 years old! THANK YOU for making such an OUTSTANDING PRODUCT!!!

While riding my motorcycle in Dallas, I briefly looked over my left shoulder before changing lanes. When I looked forward again, suddenly a slow moving car had appeared in front of me (I think they may have been stopped on the side and had pulled out crossing over 2 lanes). I pounded on the brakes. From around 65 or 70 mph, I estimate my impact into the rear of the car was about 50 mph. An off duty paramedic said he saw me fly 30 feet in the air. Thanks to your helmet construction efforts, I was in dream land during this period.

When my family was informed that I would finally no longer survive, they blocked the halls at 11:00 that night and said a prayer for me. They continued to say a prayer for me at 11 every morning and 11 every night. If they weren't at the hospital, they stopped wherever they were at 11:00 to say a prayer. Being a peon on a committee of admirals and generals, I understand prayers literally went around the world for me. and YES, Praying works!

When I came out of a comma, I asked a nurse for a doctor. She laughed and said, "sweetheart, you don't have a doctor. You've got a team." Several doctors came in later when I said, "I understand I broke some ribs." One doctor responded, "No sir, we classify them more as shattered." They proceeded to inform me that I had shattered all the ribs on my left side, punctured both lungs and the impact was so severe, it shifted my heart! I broke my collar bone, slightly injured the top right of my head (which did not appear on the outside of the helmet) and embedded the interior fabric of my Simpson - Model 30 helmet into the lower left side of my chin. They told me it was a miracle I survived and thank God I was wearing a helmet.

They say head injuries over the age of 50 are problematic. Problematic for who? As you see from the photos, my Simpson - Model 30 almost looks like new on the right side. I figured the initial impact was a deflection to the left front. The recoil probably caused my right rear head injury. My return from the height of 30 feet probably caused the larger area of damage and slight fracture on the left side of the helmet. It still amazes me , after so many years, what a fantastic helmet this is. In comparison, I've got my City of Dallas, Hall of Fame ring which was in my watch pocket at the time of impact, totally crushed.

Thank you again for caring about protecting others and for making such an outstanding product. With heels together, I salute you and your employees. May God continue to bless you, your employees, and your company.

God Bless America and Keep Grin'in,

-Philip "Pat" Teipel