Venator - Snell 2015

Venator - Snell 2015

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  • Product Description

Snell SA 2015 Helmets Offer Superior Protection
Snell SA 2015 helmets meet Snell’s latest and most stringent safety standards. In addition to the strict testing for high impact crashes that Snell certified helmets are subjected to, new tougher requirements have been added for Snell SA 2015 certification that also include low velocity and low lateral testing. Additionally, SA 2015 helmets must now be equipped with FIA 8858-2010 compliant M6 terminal mounts for frontal head restraints.

NEW: A helmet that is Snell SA 2015 has passed "Low Velocity" impact testing. For the racer, this test ensures performance in low velocity crashes.

NEW: A helmet that is Snell SA 2015 certified has passed “Low Lateral” impact tests focusing on the key area around the ear and temple.

  • The Venator's plush interior offers optional placement of Simpson's ear cup speakers
  • Top air option available +$150.00 (call 1-800-654-7223 to order)
  • Plush interior with Simpson branding on cheeks
  • Gel ear cups with optional padded ear inserts
  • Frontal head restraint ready
  • Recommended for multi-use, Circle Track, Drag Racing, Sprint Car and Karting, Off Road and Road Racing

Shield Care/Cleaning

To preserve the exterior anti-scratch treatment and the interior anti-fog treatment the Venator shields should be cleaned with only Acrysol shield cleaner applied using a standard paper towel. Acrysol shield cleaner (YA0640) is available here.

Key features:

Will not damage shield coatings
Safe to use on most painted or plastic surfaces
Should be used with a regular paper towel and not a micro fiber cloth
No lingering odor
No film residue

Directions for use:

1.     Spray Acrysol on a clean paper towel to saturate.

2.     Wipe shield with saturated paper towel to clean.

3.     Wipe dry with clean paper towel.

Venator chin guard accessory available here.

This helmet qualifies for 3 easy payments, NO INTEREST, call 800-654-7223 for details.