Heads and Neck

Seatbelts and head and neck restraints are proven to save racers lives every day. Do not wait for a sanctioning body to mandate that you wear a head and neck restraint. Do yourself and your loved ones a big favor and take charge of your own safety. Get a head and neck restraint before your next race. Always install your belts and head and neck restraints per the manufacturer’s instructions.

All head and neck restraints are either SFI or FIA certified.


A well designed shoe allows the driver to feel the pedals and provides good pedal grip. Racing shoes should be fire retardant with a Nomex lining and fit securely while having concealable laces or a reliable closure. Zero heel elevation provides drivers improved maneuverability in a tight space when every moment counts. Remember, racing shoes are an investment for most racers and are meant for driving. They will last you much longer if you do not use them for walking around at the track.


A good glove design will keep you in touch with your fingers senses and will improve your grip on the steering wheel. Your driving glove should give you a close fit that easily conforms to your hand, so aim for a snug size that will stretch to your hand. Most gloves are required to be fire retardant, thus meeting the SFI or FIA certifications.


A correctly fitted helmet should feel as if an evenly distributed pressure is continuously being exerted around the head and cheeks. Helmets, like shoes, will break in. For this reason, the helmet should fit as tight as you can stand to wear it. Once fastened, make sure the helmet cannot be pulled off of the head in any direction. If the helmet moves significantly, the helmet is too big. First time helmet buyers tend to choose helmets that are too loose or too big. If the helmet does not fit well, it cannot deliver the level of protection you need.

Racing Suits

Air is an excellent insulator and adds a layer of thermal protection. To take advantage of the protection air can provide, a good fitting racing suit should not fit too tightly. Always have someone with measuring experience measure you with a cloth measuring tape. A made to order custom suit measuring sheet is provided at TeamSimpson.com. We strongly recommend FR undergarments be worn underneath your racing suit. These garments add as much as 50% to the protective value of your suit.