Information for External Providers

As part of our ongoing Quality Assurance policies, Simpson Performance Products Mooresville Operations, referred to as Simpson here after, requires our External suppliers to be aware of and agree to abide by our Quality Management Procedures with regard to bringing in new External Providers for suppling samples and production product.

Simpson requires suppliers to be evaluated with regard to there Quality Management System, product quality and ability to meet internal and external performance requirements, on-time delivery performance and adherence to ethical business practices.

All products and services from External Suppliers’ may be evaluated, at the discretion of Simpson, by Engineering and Production personnel as well as external test houses and customers as required.  Components supplied to certain product lines will be required to provide product prints and CAD drawings as well as information on special processes and on their ability to control externally provided processes such as coatings and heat treat of products.   

Any special requirements, critical items, or key characteristics that are required by Simpson or by its customers will be specified on our drawings or on the purchase order.

Suppliers shall implement processes to prevent the use of counterfeit parts.

Suppliers shall ensure that their personnel are aware of their contribution to product or service conformity, to their contribution to product safety and to the importance of ethical behavior.

Suppliers agree that Simpson has the right to audit the Suppliers facilities and review all material and processes, internal and external, with regard to product specs, processes as well as Operator instructions and build sheets used by the supplier to produce products for Simpson.  Suppliers of product used by customers in certified FAA product agree that Simpson and the FAA will be allowed access to the same.

By approving a supplier’s products or services we are accepting the supplier’s ability to control operator competence to be able to provide the product or service.  If the supplier has an internal issue that changes this competency level, Simpson expects to be notified so that a review of the issue can be done to provide an agreed upon solution to the issue.

In some instances, we may require the Supplier to keep statistical process control and demonstrate production process verification through testing, inspection and verification of product produced. 

Since the Quality of products produced for Simpson is very important to us and our customers, who will rely on our products as lifesaving products, it is very important for all Suppliers, their employees and providers be aware of the type of products and services that Simpson provides.  Suppliers will communicate this information to these parties as a requirement to provide products and services to Simpson.  Simpson would like to see a functioning Quality Management System and if the supplier has any documentation of such, Simpson would like a copy of the current outside source approval. A functioning Quality Management System will be a consideration when Simpson selects suppliers.

For new designs or changes to current designs, the supplier agrees to work with Simpson to provide information on the product or service as well as provide samples made to agreed-upon production standards for evaluation and production part approvals.  These samples will be evaluated by Simpson on a part by part basis and may include inspection, product testing to regulatory standards by internal and external sources and the supplier process may be audited as required.

Simpson may perform an on-site audit with the supplier on an annual basis or when issues arise that deem it necessary.  During these audits, the QMS will be reviewed and key components of the supplier will be evaluated by the auditor.  Processes, documentation to make or provide the product or service will be reviewed.  On time delivery will be reviewed and corrective action decided upon, if needed.

To insure ethical behavior, Simpson Purchasing cannot accept gifts of any kind from External suppliers.  This includes, but is not limited to objects, meals, or entertainment.  Simpson Purchasing personnel cannot write Purchase Orders to any family members or persons residing with them.