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Counterfeit Post Anchors – HANS Secures Court Order Against IMPACT

Atlanta, Georgia (September 8, 2009) – HANS Performance Products has been granted a temporary restraining order, preliminary injunction and expedited discovery in a suit against Impact Racing Products. The SFI Foundation’s motion to become a party in HANS’ action against Impact has also been granted. The orders relate to counterfeit HANS Post Anchors that have been discovered at the track in recent weeks.

Performance Products Reaffirms Simpson Performance Products as Authorized Dealer

New Braunfels, Texas – In the statement issued August 19th, 2009, CEO of HANS Performance Products Mark Stiles stated that HANS has found counterfeit Post Anchor parts on a helmet purchased from Impact Racing Products. A preliminary investigation suggests that counterfeit parts may have been supplied with other helmets. Stiles was quoted as saying, “It is extremely possible that counterfeits may have been installed on other helmets, either factory-fitted by a helmet manufacturer or by racers installing replacement parts during equipment changes.”

Ed Rothrock Joins Simpson Performance Products as Vice President of Helmet Engineering

Simpson Performance Products, New Braunfels, Texas – Ed Rothrock has joined Simpson Performance Products as Vice President of Helmet Engineering. Rothrock has over thirty years experience in product design and engineering in the protective head gear industry, most recently with Bell Sports, Inc.

Dixon and Pedregon Speak Out

“My Dad wore Simpson and since I began racing in 1993, I’ve worn Simpson too.

In recent years other companies have jumped into the safety business but I see no reason to use anything else but Simpson. I have known Scott DeBoyace and Dave Nelson my entire professional career. I trust them to make sure my firesuits, parachutes, restraints and helmet are the safest out there. Allen and Debbie Bridges and Desire Burkle take care of me and my Team trackside."