NEW Simpson X Bandit Pro FIA 8860 Approved Helmet


Made entirely from ultra lightweight carbon fiber formed by auto clave technology, the X-Bandit Pro is fully compliant with the latest FIA 8860 standard. This standard is a requirement for many international automobile racing series. The X-Bandit Pro is the first U.S. manufactured FIA 8860 approved helmet and is produced at the Simpson manufacturing facility.

This helmet features advanced protection in all key areas of helmet safety and is manufactured using technology first seen in Formula 1 racing. The X-Bandit Pro is designed for professional drag racers that routinely race at some of the most extreme speeds in racing and are keenly aware of the importance of a well-built helmet. The X Bandit Pro was designed to spread impact energy over a larger area to reduce injury. The helmet also provides substantially greater protection from a crushability and penetration stand point.

Featuring levels of performance and protection previously unavailable at any price, the X-Bandit Pro is a value at $2999.95. The helmet will accommodate any approved head and neck restraint device. A custom helmet can be built and delivered by Simpson in 3 to 4 weeks whereas some helmet manufacturers can take twice that long.

FIA 8860- Approved
Snell Certified
Made in the USA
Color: Clear coat carbon weave or choose from 11 custom colors at no additional charge
Head & Neck Restraint Compatible
Price: $2999.95

About Simpson
Since 1959, Simpson Performance Products has been the leading U.S. manufacturer of safety equipment for the Motorsports industry. We believe in putting safety first and are dedicated to elevating the standards of racing safety through continuous development, refinement and testing.