Simpson Hybrid Pro Head Restraint Receives NASCAR Approval


New Braunfels, Texas – In a Technical Bulletin issued September 27, 2011 to all NASCAR Sprint Cup Series car owners crew chiefs and drivers, NASCAR approved the Simpson Hybrid Pro device for use in its touring series. The Hybrid Pro is the second Simpson head restraint to be approved by NASCAR. Simpson is one of only two approved manufacturers worldwide for NASCAR and SFI 38.1 approved head restraint systems.

This approval represents the culmination of years of research and testing by Trevor Ashline, Safety Engineer for Simpson Racing and former owner of Safety Solutions. Ashline stated, “The NASCAR approval of the Hybrid Pro marks an important milestone for head restraint technology because it is the first time that a “multi-tether” device has been approved for use in NASCAR’s Touring series. Our patent pending technology allows for a small device which is better suited for the tight cockpits of today’s race cars.”

Chuck Davies, CEO of Simpson Performance Products added, “We are extremely proud of this latest accomplishment and appreciate the nod from NASCAR. We value and place extreme importance on the testing and research that goes into our safety products. Racers in professional series now have a choice in the head restraint technology they use.”

Rule Book Reference
20-17.1 Helmets / Head and Neck Restraint Devices
Item B. (3)

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