HANS Device Pro Ultra Lite - 20 Degree

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HANS Device Pro Ultra Lite - 20 Degree

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HANS PRO ULTRA LITE: The HANS Pro Ultra Lite is SFI 38.1 and FIA approved. The Pro Ultra device applies aerospace grade carbon to achieve a 100+ gram weight saving compared to the regular Ultra. The Ultra Lite saves on weight and allows for easy entry and exit from the race car, even smaller tighter vehicles. The 100% carbon fiber construction features a hollow core for increased weight reduction without sacrificing strength. The sliding tethers offer exceptional visibility. Upgrade to the Pro Ultra Lite today. This version for Snell SA helmets includes two nutwashers for mounting HANS anchors to one helmet. CALL 1-800-654-7223 for FIA certified HANS orders and FIA pricing.

Photos show device without pads. All devices come complete with pads, tethers and anchors for one helmet.

Each HANS Device is sold complete with two anchors (enough for one helmet) and matching tether. Select standard button style (left) or Quick Click system with red pull string.

Std. anchor tether left, quick click right.