Why does Simpson recommend upgrading from 4-point to 5, 6 or 7-point harness systems?

The addition of the 5, 6 or 7 points will stop the pelvis much earlier in an event than traditional 4 points? Testing has proven the life-saving potential and ability to keep the occupant more upright in the seat.  See Figure 1:  Belt configuration tests. Look at the shoulder height from the dynamic tests and compare. Keeping the pelvis under control leads to an almost 50% reduction in Chest G’s, HIC and Neck tension. The passenger is kept away from the dash much better because the head and chest don’t move as far forward, reducing the chance of a head strike. See figure

Figure 1



Why does Simpson only use Polyester webbing in their harnesses when some manufacturers still use Nylon?

Nylon is old school but some harness manufacturers continue to use it. However, leading safety manufacturers like Simpson know that nylon webbing grows weaker over time. Top of the line harnesses are now made of better and stronger polyester webbing instead of nylon. It is important to note, Polyester minimizes elongation and sunlight degradation. Polyester also absorbs energy better in a crash. Don’t skimp on your harnesses.   


Why do Simpson aviation harnesses not use retractor belts?

Spool down of the webbing on the retractor is going to give you forward movement, 4” at 2300#.  This is very low load and is not nearly as safe as harnesses without retractors. The spool makes you think your harness is tight but the spool down in retractor belts are more likely to CAUSE injury in the event of a crash situation. Much more so than a harness that is pulled tight through adjusters, as with Simpson harnesses.     


Are Simpson aviation harnesses compatible with Van’s Aircraft’s RV kit planes.

Yes; Simpson has harness sets for all Van’s RV models.


When will TSO harnesses be available? 

Our current schedule for TSO harnesses is by September, 31 2018. Please check out website for updates.


Where are your harness belts made?

Simpson aviation harnesses are made in the USA at our AS9100 certified manufacturing facility in Mooresville, North Carolina. The facility also produces racing harnesses used in the top series in motorsports, including NASCAR, NHRA and many more. Simpson racing harnesses meet the toughest standards in the world for both SFI and FIA sanctioned racing and have been real world proven to protect drivers in 100G crashes, in cars going over 300 mph. 


Why don't you use airbags?  

Our decades of motorsports experience and testing has shown us that a 7-point harness set outperforms a 3 or 4-point airbag system.


Why do all jets and commercial cockpits have crotch belts?

Commercial builders and the FAA require the best protection available for the pilots in these cockpits. Wouldn’t you like that same protection or better for yourself? The addition of the 5th strap is a well-known addition to a good safety system.  At Simpson, we use 5-point sub straps as well as 6 and 7-point sub straps, for maximum protection, to help control the lap belt and pelvis in a high speed crash. 


Why should I choose Simpson harnesses over the competition?

At Simpson Flight, we use only the best materials and hardware. Our exclusive adjusters are the smoothest in the industry and provide exceptional locking action, whether in route to your favorite destination or in the unlikely event of a panic situation.  Our aviation harnesses are engineered with proven racing technology to offer you top of the line performance. Refer back to our answers on why we don’t use retractors, Nylon webbing, or less than 5-point harnesses.


Will my Simpson harnesses come with shoulder pads?

No, but shoulder pads can be added as an accessory and may be ordered in either a “sewn on” style or a “slide on / Velcro” style.

Can Simpson customize my harnesses?

Customizing is a Simpson strength. We can build harnesses to fit your plane, giving you the style, comfort and safety you deserve. For your safety, we do not manufacture 4-point or less harnesses, 5,6 and 7-point harnesses are our standard.


Do you offer Aerobatic belts?

Yes; we have Aerobatic belt models. Many talented aerobatic pilots use our harnesses now to be better protected in extreme flying. 


What colors are available for Simpson aviation harnesses?

Simpson harnesses are offered in Black, Grey/Silver, Red and Blue.


Will Simpson harnesses fit over my parachute?

Yes; our harnesses will fit over a parachute.


My plane cannot accommodate a 5-point. What do you suggest? 

Unfortunately, we will not be able to equip your plane with Simpson harnesses.