Competitive Differentiators

We first publicized The Envelope of Safety concept in 1999. The EOS is our 360 degree approach to a driver’s ultimate security. By surrounding the racer with our 8 elements of supreme racing protection, they become safeguarded from many dangerous situations.

Although many of our products have evolved overtime, the concept remains the same. Containment inside a safety cell is vital in any crash. This includes the equipment found in current Sprint Cup, IRL, Formula One and Drag Racing as well. Keeping the driver upright in the seat and the "spine in line" are the keys to personal safety, especially in multiple impacts. Properly mounted restraints, seats, Head and Neck devices, head surrounds and side nets make up the complete system.

Driver's personal safety equipment is equally important and must be cared for and updated as needed for optimal protection. From our Snell and FIA rated helmets to our SFI 38.1 and FIA 8858 certified head and neck restraints to our multi-layer Nomex® suits and fire retardant performance driven shoes and gloves, our commitment to driver safety has been tested and trusted. No detail is overlooked, no chances are taken.

When you sit behind the wheel in Simpson's Envelope of Safety, you give yourself the advantage of 54 years of safety innovation and experience.